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What is a Working Capital Loan?

A working capital loan is a product designed to ensure a company or business’s day-to-day operations run smoothly and effectively even when there is a capital crunch. While small business loans and merchant cash advances allow borrowers to pay for long-term assets or expand their businesses, a working capital loan is aimed at covering daily needs such as accounts payables, unpaid invoices, pending wages and so on. This is a great option for low sale seasons as well since you get a short-term cash boost with flexible repayment terms.

Your Working Capital Loans Options

A merchant cash advance (MCA) is a lump sum of capital lent against a business’s future sales.

Advance Amount


Repayment Term 

3 months—25 years

Interest Rate

Starting at 5%

Speed of Funding

As fast as same day

What Are the Benefits of a Working Capital Loan?

When your business needs additional capital, securing a small business loan can be the best decision you make for your company.

Avoid Cash Problem

Each business, no matter their size, experiences periods where working capital is tight. A small business loan can help shorten these stretches, without interrupting operations.

Keep Your Equity

Securing a small business loan allows you to maintain control of your company. You can use your loan however you like and can keep any profits or gains your business generates, all without seeking permission from your lender.

Long-Term Growth

In order to grow, you have to continually invest in your business. A small business loan can enable you to plan for the future without using any working capital from your day-to-day needs.


Trying to capitalize on a new market? With a small business loan, you can secure the location you need to widen your business’s reach. The more locations you have, the greater your chance to grow.


Definition of Working Capital

The working capital of your business is the difference between all of your current assets and current liabilities. It is called working capital because once you have handled all of your current liabilities, this is the remaining capital you have available to work with. When you apply for a working capital loan, the lender will calculate your existing working capital in order to ascertain the correct loan amount or if you qualify for the loan.

How Does a Working Capital Loan Work?

It is a loan specifically obtained to cover a company’s daily operations and needs. The requirements could be regular daily operations or to cover the expenses for a particular project. These loans are seldom used to build assets or investments. Rather these are obtained for the short term to pay for basic operations such as payroll, rent, debts, unpaid invoices and so on.

A working capital loan falls under the category of small business loans. Hence it can be obtained without any collaterals and they are usually approved and funded very fast. These are great conveniences for business owners as a working capital are usually required in short notice. As there are short-term loans, working capital loans are usually paid off within 18 months or less.

How to Get a Working Capital Loan?

There are a plethora of lenders from whom you can secure a working capital loan. But even though the approval process is fast and sans any collateral, the lenders will take a good look at your business before releasing the funds. They might consider your time in business, yearly and monthly revenue, immediate revenue forecast to ascertain loan repayment ability, etc. In case the business is at a nascent stage, your personal credit score might be considered as well. If you are qualified, you need to make an application and sign a contract once the loan is approved. The process is not too different from other short-term business loan applications.

Working Capital Repayment

There are various ways of repaying a working capital loan and it primarily depends on the terms you and the lender agreed upon at the time of signing the contract. The most common way of repaying a working capital loan is via a percentage of your daily or monthly business. If you had agreed for 5% of daily sales to be paid as repayment towards the loan, 5% of your daily sales would go towards the loan until the full loan amount plus the interest and fees are paid off.

When to Apply for a Working Capital Loan?

Since it is not too difficult to obtain a working capital loan, many business owners opt for one whenever they feel the need for quick cash. But that is not the correct reason to apply for a working capital loan. These loans are meant for times when your cash flow is tight and some help in paying the bills, rent, salary or invoices could keep the business operational while you figure out ways to increase revenue. The real reason to apply for a working capital loan is to buy some time.

How to Utilize Working Capital Loans?

Working capital loans are best suited for scenarios when your business is experiencing a lull in sales, facing unpredictable revenue or other hardships that limit the cash flow. The loan can help bridge the gap in cash flow and keep the business steady. The following are some ways a working capital loan can be utilized.

1) Capitalize on Growth Opportunities: At times, you may come about a salient business opportunity that could give your business a big boost. But your working capital may be too low and the new investment could hamper regular operations. This is a regular scenario for new businesses where they might suddenly get a big order that could take the business to the next level. But they may not have enough working capital to fulfill the order. A working capital loan can cover the upfront cost that could help fulfill the order.

2) To Cover Emergencies: There are moments when a new business can face a sudden crisis that cannot be covered by the working capital. It could be a workplace accident, an equipment breakdown and so on. In such a case, opting for a working capital loan can cover for the emergency costs as the business keeps functioning or vice versa.

3) Seasonal Lulls in Business: Many seasonal businesses can generate good revenue during the peak time of the year. But during the off-seasons, their working capital might be stretched to keep and maintain the workforce, equipment, and business. This is especially true for small businesses. A working capital loan can keep the business afloat during the crunch times and be paid back once business picks up.

It is not a One-Stop-Shop for Your Cash Needs:
Working capital loans should be used carefully and only for specific purposes. While they are approved and disbursed quickly, they tend to come with large fees, steep daily interest rates, and tight repayment deadlines. If you are planning to purchase new equipment, secure a new location or renovate the business, there are other specific loans to cover those expenses.
A working capital loan is a perfect tool to get you through some tough times and help your business stay operational through thick and thin. But before you apply for one, you should reevaluate your needs carefully and identify if there are any products to cover exactly the kind of problem you are facing. Choose wisely. 

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